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Design Retainers

Perhaps branding isn’t a service you need at the moment, or you are a client that has already gone through the branding process at Contempo Mint, Design Retainers are created to upkeep your business on a more regular basis.


They are designed (no pun intended) to help save you money and have up to date killer designs on the regular by paying an hourly rate rather than individual services.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose from a selection of hours you would like Contempo Mint to design for.

Step 2: Pay upfront or choose a payment plan and let Contempo Mint know what you would like crafted (social posts, product photography, etc)

Step 3: Contempo Mint tracks each hour spent, so you know exactly where your money goes.

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits of having new designs weekly or monthly!


Retainer Options


$50 / Hour
$250 Total

5 Hours


$50 / Hour
$500 Total

10 Hours


$45 / Hour
$900 Total

20 Hours


$40 / Hour
$1600 Total

40 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I do not use up all of my hours in the month?

Answer: That is totally fine! We can bank those hours into the following weeks / months so when the time comes when you need some new designs, we can use them up.

Question: What if I run out of hours but still need some additional work completed?

Answer: If you run out of design hours but feel like you still need more, we can set up a new Design Retainer of your choice. Easy as pie.

Question: Can I get a logo designed in a Design Retainer?

Answer: Logos and brand designs are excluded from the Design Retainer option, as those require more time, strategy and behind-the-scenes work. Contempo Mint has plenty of branding packages to choose from that suits all budget needs.

Question: What if I just want an individual service, is a Design Retainer the right option for me?

Answer: If you want a one-off service then I would definitely recommend paying for that one design / service rather than the Design Retainer. The Design Retainer is recommended if you require more than one design service to build out your brand.

Ready for freshly crafted designs?

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