The Process

Behind every business is a passionate owner that aspires to be the best they can be in their industry… I mean let’s be real, THE best! Contempo Mint takes your goals, dreams, and personal preferences and turns them into reality – making you stand out with style.

Discover You

It’s all about you, witchypoo. We always start with a virtual consultation where we can connect on a much deeper level that email isn’t always able to achieve. Here I can learn more about your business, your interests, your brand visions, and what you hope to accomplish.


With all that fabulous information, we will decide if we are a perfect match (we 100% are). I will prepare a quote, send along my super fun brand questionnaire, and answer any further questions you may have. Once your quote has been approved, a contract outlining further details will be sent your way.

The Design

The contract has been signed and we’re ready to create magic! With your brand questionnaire in one hand, and our client-to-designer relationship flourishing in the other, the design process begins.

You will be presented with in-depth concepts presenting colours, typography, graphic elements, and even photo-realistic mockups of your design to make it all the more real. We will work together in refining your brand until it has reached perfection.

Show it Off

It’s showtime, now flaunt your new design! You will be provided with all of the necessary hand-off files to prepare your business for its new launch. You will also receive additional tips and tricks to use your new design to the fullest extent, allowing you to confidently showcase your new look.

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Contemporary and Minty Fresh

With a sprinkle of witchy magic.